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Donegal Daddy


face book and Twitter accounts.


Donegal Daddy new face book and twitter accounts



Well did you love The Late Late Toy Show?

What an amazing show and says so much about our culture as being Irish that we sit down as a family and watch this year on year.

It doesn’t matter what that family is made up of or who isn’t part of that family its everyone acting like a big kid and being proud of this great Irish tradition.

Donegal Mammy found It  so emotional this year.

Especially when Sergeant Graham Burke from Cork surprised his children Adam and Kayla .He made a surprise trip home from Mali where he was on his 6th tour of duty peacekeeping with the Irish Defense Force.

The wee pets were so excited and overcome with the excitement of having their Daddy home.




This is also an exciting time for Donegal Mammy  as we are now introducing  Donegal Daddy  from the family with his very own face book and twitter page!

Donegal Daddy will also write occasionally here on the blog and give an honest account of what it’s like to be #DonegalDaddy. Again it’s from all ages and all stages from daddy holding his newborn to watching his family grow up leave home  or worse still emigrating to the other side of the world  and how he deals with that transition.

We welcome all Donegal Daddy who would like to try their hand at writing here

The daddy of our current generation are more hands on, actively taking part in child rearing and being stay at home dads and just like mammy  they have some great life lessons, traditions and values to pass on to the family.

So if you are an expecting Donegal Daddy, in the early years of trying to get it right , single dad or a much loved granda we want to hear from you.

Rally School Ireland heard  that Donegal Daddy was joining us  with his brand new Facebook and twitter page and have given us a great prize for one lucky Donegal Daddy to win.




Enter to win here:

There are certainly lots of Rally Daddy in the county so make sure and enter.

Best of luck with all your Christmas present lists and getting ready for the big day.

Hope you don’t have too much bother with your  Elf on The Shelf


See you soon


Donegal Mammy

[email protected]

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