NEW Donegal Mammy Website – Speak your mind Mammy!

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NEW Donegal Mammy website – time to speak your mind Mammy


Welcome to Donegal Mammy World


Donegal Mammy has been active on facebook now for over 3 years and really what she has built around her is a local “community”.

No one  “Donegal  Mammy” is greater or more important than the other.

She is all ages and all stages, from first time mammy right through to Donegal Granny.

Some, are interested in beauty and fashion others love a spin in a rally car or out hill walking through the hills of Donegal.

Some have spotless homes, others just never seem to get the time or the energy to tackle very much.

Some work  outside the home juggling family life and feeling a tinge of guilt now and again, others are stay at home mammy and feel undervalued and lost when the kids grow up and leave home and that dreaded Empty Nest and Redundant Mammy stage.

But every Donegal Mammy has her “Family” at the heart of everything she does, their health, happiness, the tots, the teens and right through her life she pulls it all together, makes it all work!


We want you to help us by adding to #mammyisms we have been collecting over on Donegal Mammy facebook page over the last few weeks. Your Donegal Mammy voice needs to be heard!


Donegal Mammy on facebook collecting Mammyisms


Donegal Mammy


If you have a Donegal Daddy  who wants to share his thoughts with us that’s great too and of course Words of wisdom from Donegal Granny are always welcome and something we all really need.

This new website is a platform for all those voices, to chat about anything, offer and ask advice,  share what life is like for Mammy in your community.

We want you to guest blog (it’s no big deal you just write a wee story about the life /fun/issues you have as a Donegal Mammy and we will post on the website. We will let people know whats on in your area , in fact we will be led by what you want to include.


We hope to tackle some more serious issues like Mammy in the home being somewhat invisible and not being on the live register,  no initiatives to help them return to work, childcare  issues for the mammy who need to go to work and many more..

But really those issues are for you to raise , let us know what drives you mad and what you want done about it!


Over the years we have made some great friends over on our facebook page and they will continue to support us and  help us find the answers to the questions we have.

The future is up to you, maybe some courses, The Donegal Mammy Club, campaign  and advocate for the issues you care about….. it’s up to you, your space!


Contact us on [email protected]

Get social with us on Facebook     and   Twitter


 People often ask who Donegal Mammy is… well she’s really you… whoever you are or wherever you live, that has Donegal in her heart and soul…..

Me….. I’m just a keyboard /pen pusher to help get her voice heard.

But I am qualified

I am a Donegal Mammy with 3 grown up kids… so I have certainly been there done that and still learning from all of you!


Chat soon!

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  • Fiona Tunney

    Great work!!

  • Tk

    This is such a good idea. I’m a working mammy and there are times when I feel overwhelmed by work and family commitments. Juggling it all, isn’t easy but I wouldn’t have it any other way because I’m a Donegal mammy!!

  • Donegal Mammy

    Thanks for your comments, glad to know I am not alone in the Donegal Mammy World! Together we can do great things and make changes…

  • Miquel Felio

    heyyy, love your blog.

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