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Donegal Mammy is delighted to share this page with a Donegal Mammy Guest blogger today.

Alison Doherty a mum of two little boys has taken on the task of highlighting the condition of  Dyspraxia in the county so that all other families can be informed and have local support.

Her aim is to build a support group for families of children going through an assessment of need, or dealing with early intervention.

Putting in place supports for other families going through the same issues .

Well done and Ill leave it to Alison to take it from from here….

Donegal Mammy


Hello everyone,


I am a mum to 2 beautiful boys Ryan 7 and Dillon almost 4, Ryan was diagnosed with dyspraxia in October by a neurologist in Temple street in Dublin.





Dyspraxia is a Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD ), a common disorder affecting fine and /or gross motor coordination in children and Adults.

This condition is formally recognised by international organisations, including The World Health Organisation, difficulties with thinking out, planning and carrying out sensory/motor tasks can also occur.

Children with Dyspraxia are often behaviorally immature, they can be of average intelligence or above and may find it hard to fit in with socially accepted behaviour at school and may find it difficult to understand logic and reason.

Every child with Dyspraxia is different, when I explained to family and friends about Dyspraxia they had no idea what I was talking about.

That’s when I thought that things had to change and that I could make a differnce!



We need to become a voice for our children, I contacted Harry Conway CEO of dyspraxia Ireland is absolutely amazing he answered all my questions regarding the condition and came to Donegal in January to deliver the first talk in Buncrana which was very well attended.

Many parents like myself included don’t know what route to take to get a diagnosis of Dyspraxia for their child, it’s a long and difficult journey.

Your GP is a good place to start should a parent have any concerns, and the preschool or school the child is attending has an assessment of need process available, which parents can discuss with the school.

Professional services that are vital for children and adults with dyspraxia are occupational therapy, physiotherapy,  psychology. Access to these services are essential for our children to move forward but not all parents can afford to go private and waiting lists are quite long.

My aim is to raise awareness of Dyspraxia in Donegal and get  training for teacher’s, parents and SNAs , get everyone working together as a team. I am hoping to deliver more talks and offer more supports to other families with the condition in the future and get DONEGAL on the map through

We as a county need to be recognised and not forgotten in this journey.


I have had contact from a number of parents, either waiting on a diagnosis or have had their diagnosis and they need further help and support from  qualified professionals.

With this support these children can reach their full potential throughout the educational systems and the prognosis is generally a positive one.

As the child grows and matures their future development can be enhanced with the much needed  appropriate treatment, training and support, something I am very passionate about.


I am inviting everyone, teachers, parents and SNAs to join me to learn more and support this cause this  Wednesday 28th March in

Strand Hotel Ballyliffin from 7- 9pm.

Harry Conway CEO of Dyspraxia Ireland will deliver a talk and will also be joined by a young lady Sara Ann from Dublin to tell her story with Dyspraxia and anxiety.

I have also set up  a Donegal Dyspraxia support group page  and anyone who requires any information can contact me [email protected] or .

Please share this among your family and friends to help raise awareness of this condition .

Thanks Donegal Mammy for the opportunity to write this!



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