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Its your time Donegal Mammy!



Summer is on the way, I can feel it!

Soon there will be exams and end of year celebrations and noise and laughter and energy running through the homes of Donegal Mammy from Malin Head to Bundoran beach and everywhere in between.


But take a few minutes now before Summer madness kicks in,  to think about YOU and what you want.

Amidst all the Donegal Mammy mayhem,stop and think,  have you been taking care of them for too long?

There at their beck and call, being The Donegal Mammy that deserves a gold star , a bucket load of thanks but never gets either?


Are you ready for a change or to face back into the scary world of being employed?


Have you thought it might be time to do some upskilling? Finding something you would love to do, leaving the house in the morning to go to talk to other human beings and actually getting paid for it?


Now ,

before you say they wont survive without you being there, or sure you would never get a job with your lack of experience and no skills to chat about.
Not to mention the fact that its 100 years since you last were in paid employment and that you have forgotten everything you knew.!
Stop that voice in your head that says this message is not for you and that how could you possibly start over, return to work, get back out there, the voice that’s telling you that is LYING….Not True.



Opportunity is everywhere, and especially next September,  when they are all going off to wherever they go, you could be starting your own journey of returning to a world of work and upskilling for your future.


Rural Enterprise Skillnet are planning to run a course that will help you get back out there.

Half a day a week, covering the fact that you have skills you didn’t even know you have (transferable skills),

Getting that CV up to date,

Onne to one coaching helping you find the direction you are looking for

Mock interviews and even the help of a

Style coach to tell you what people wear to interviews these days.

Plus buckets of confidence to throw over you and say




They are doing some research on putting together a course/programme together  for YOU,  women in the North West, who are interested in getting back to work after a number of years in the home due to childcare or eldercare.

Fill out the survey HERE  then  wait for the magic to happen… they will get in touch and before you know it you will be back out there, brimming with confidence, with lots of support to help you do it and a great new story for you to write in your life..


This Donegal Mammy will be there to meet you and tell you all about how she got back out there when she became a Redundant Mammy after the kids grew up and left home!




Always Mammy, but isn’t it time you took the chance, seized the opportunity to see what else you can be and do in this great big world!



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