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Lots of Donegal Mammy are going through the experience of dealing with the menopause at the moment and all that that brings.

It is a time of great change and usually arrives at a time when children are growing up leaving home, empty nest just another thing to deal with.

But also its a time of empowerment and freedom and opportunity to reinvent yourselves and get out there. Start making choices and decisions just for YOU.

Keep checking back here on Donegal Mammy as we will have lots of options, events and courses coming up that will interest you at this stage of your life.


Donegal Mammy is delighted to welcome

Glenda Dowling, Nutritional Therapist and GAPS Practitioner as guest blogger this week, talking about 3 simple steps that you can take now to help deal with menopause and relieve the symptoms.




Glenda has helped hundreds of people over the past few years who have struggled with common challenges, such as weight, energy, mood, gut health, hormone balance and mindset.

Her passion is supporting people on their health journeys and she truly understands from her own personal experience that weight and health issues are a constant daily struggle for many people.

Glenda has battled with weight, and was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in her 20’s. She has been inspired by her own journey, and has a desire to help others become the best version of themselves

After completing an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, Glenda left the hectic world of Corporate Finance after 19 years.  She then went on an trained with Dr Natasha McBride as a GAPS (Gut and Psychology Protocol) Practitioner, and is now an active member of the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Gutsy World has been born from a foundation of insight and understanding of her clients needs over the years. It addresses fixing the food, fitness and health challenges both mental and physical of real people and aims at empowering and encouraging them to be their best self.

“I have a burning hunger to make the world a better place just by empowering people to live healthier and happier lives!



Top 3 Natural Remedies that can Relieve Symptoms of  Menopause

 By Glenda Dowling – Founder Gutsy World


  1. Real Whole food Diet

Eating a healthy whole food diet helps balance hormones and relieves menopause symptoms. Not only during menopause but through your own and the life of you family members it is wise to eat fresh, locally grown organic foods, organic & free range with no added sugar or processing!

  • Consume fewer calories to keep a healthy weight.
  • Cut out the C.R.A.P

C – Carbonate Drinks

R – Refined Sugar

A – Artificial Sweeteners

P – Processed Food

  • Eat  high-fiber foods such as avocados, pears, peas, raspberries, Brussels sprouts, turnip to help control your appetite, boost gut health and benefit your heart.
  • Cruciferous vegetables: Vegetables in the cruciferous family such as broccoli, cabbage and kale
  • Introduce probiotic foods such as kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi…
  • Drink meat/bone broth
  • Healthy fats & Omega 3’s
  • Drink plenty of pure, fresh water, 2- 3 litres a day


  1. Exercise

Exercise boosts serotonin levels, which improves your mood, your appetite and helps you sleep.

Exercise prevents weight gain, reduces the risk of cancer, strengthens bones and reduces the risk of other age related diseases.

Try to get at least 15 – 30 minutes or HIIT training along with weight training 3-4 times per week.

Weight training helps naturally balance hormones – plus it helps with muscle mass and helps your bones to combat osteoporosis.


  1. Herbs & Natural Remedies

There are a number of ways for treating menopause symptoms with herbal remedies; some can be more effective than others for the different symptoms you are showing. Herbs and foods contain natural hormones that can help relieve the challenges of menopause. Consult with a professional or naturopath first, especially if you have other medical conditions and take medications.

Some of the most commonly used herbal remedies to treat menopause symptoms include:

  • Evening primrose oil
  • Licorice root
  • Sage
  • Ginseng
  • Black cohosh
  • St. John’s wort
  • Red clover


Glenda is the founder and owner of Gutsy World.

Gutsy World is a new weight loss, fitness and well being programme for the health conscious soul. Founded by wife and husband duo Glenda and Billy Dowling.  Glenda is a nutritional therapist, while Billy is a personal trainer and fitness expert.  They currently have weekly check in clinics in Letterkenny, Buncrana & Carndonagh.

Check out the website here for more advice and information on related food, recipes and health topics.


Follow them here on Facebook and Instagram


Thanks to Glenda for a great blog and we look forward to having her words of wisdom on here again as a guest blogger very soon.

Check out Donegal Mammy on facebook and in The Donegal Mammy Club.


See you all again soon


Donegal Mammy


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