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The one and only Ms Amazebald Anne Blogger



Anne a Donegal Mammy is our guest blogger this week.

We have some really great guest blogs coming soon… (Get in touch if you would like to do one…its easy!)

Anyway back to Anne otherwise known as ‘Ms. Amazebald,’ name  chosen because of her journey with hair loss and Alopecia

Anne is a brilliant brave lady who is  giving people the opportunity to talk about this subject … not to be embarrassed as there are so many people dealing with it.

Well done Ms Amazebald!


Anne is hosting a  support meeting Alopecia and Hair Loss

26th April



in Glencar Shopping Centre in  New Beginnings

and everyone is welcome.


Anne said to tell you
“If anyone has any questions please get in touch with me, I know it might be scary if you haven’t told people about your hair loss but I want you to know it’s all very private and I hope it will be a place where people feel comfortable and can share experiences and get advice.”

A friendly environment to meet and talk all things alopecia/hairloss related.

Anne’s  GUEST BLOG today is about another part of her life…. the joy of being a Donegal Mammy!


Anne and her beautiful Rainbow baby.



My Rainbow



I have an amazing, beautiful and talented daughter who is only starting her journey into adulthood.

Turning 13 last September was the step we all take, but forget, only these days teenagers have so much more to deal with than I ever had.

No phones or internet, no trout pouts or comments on how a person looks.


I’m going to take a step back into the past now. I found out I was pregnant fairly early and was happy and scared like any first time mum. The excitement tho was short-lived as I started to bleed at 10 weeks, I hoped and prayed it was nothing major but I had this horrible sinking feeling that something wasn’t right. A trip to the early pregnancy clinic confirmed my worst fears. I remember crying and saying sorry over and over to my then husband. We were sent home to see if I miscarriaged naturally.

I didn’t.

So the following week we went back to have another scan to be sure and I was kept in for a D&C. You never forget the pain or the love you felt for the baby you lost. Fast forward a few months to new years eve 2003 and I had this strange feeling I might be pregnant a second time, I wasn’t due my period for another 4 days but I did a test and was surprised it was positive. I came up the hall telling himself don’t get excited but I’m pregnant. My rainbow baby was going to make sure she was known about good and early.

I went to the doctors a few days later to confirm, after the loss I felt I needed to hear a doctor say yes, Anne it’s positive. She was very surprised to hear I still hadn’t missed a period. I had a early scan about 6 weeks and all was good but every ache or pain scared the hell out of me. I had a perfect pregnancy, wasn’t even sick (how much do you hate me?)!!.

My rainbow baby was making sure we never forgot about her and by the time I was due I looked like a very big balloon about to pop.

The little tinker decided she was far too comfy and 11 days overdue she got a little bit distressed and pooped. My rainbow was going to make an entrance. At 3.25pm on Sunday 19th September baby Ava was delivered by C Section. She had the most perfect little face with these two angry ginger eyebrows ( no I am not putting down anyone with red hair I think it’s amazing).



This little lady that wouldn’t have been here if her brother or sister had  been born. She is definitely a rainbow but for other reasons as well, she’s unique I think because she was born with brown eyes, a patch of silver hair and a birth mark on her tongue. She has been a rainbow and is the sunshine in my life. It’s only very recently I found out that Ava was a rainbow baby, I heard the term but never thought much about it. But now I know what an amazing thing it is. To all the babies we never got to meet and hold we love you to the moon and back just as we do our rainbow babies.


Contact Anne on her blog HERE




Thanks to Anne for a great blog and sharing her personal story with us all, an amazing lady and great to know there is support out there for anyone who is going through the trauma of hair loss. We look forward to hearing from her again in the near future.

Check out Donegal Mammy on  instagram   Twitter   facebook and in The Donegal Mammy Club.


See you all again soon


Donegal Mammy


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