A Donegal Mammy’s Life – Juggling Job, Family and Fostering.

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This weeks blog is from Elaine, an educator who runs her own school in Bundoran and a super #DonegalMammy who became a Foster mum.

Elaine tells us how she juggles life but how every second of it is worth it, and advises all of us to consider becoming a foster Donegal Mammy.

Like with all Donegal Mammy, life is busy in our household!

We foster children in care and have had a few different children stay with us, including emergency placements, respite care and longer term placements. We have three girls of our own and recently our family doubled in size when we became foster carers to a little sibling group.

With six kids, aged 3 to 14 in the house, we hardly have a dull moment, but I wouldn’t change a thing!


Fostering is a really rewarding and humbling experience. Some might say, “It’s not for me.”  I often hear people saying what amazing people we must be and that you must have to be a special type of person.

The truth is not quite so

  There are 6500 children in care in Ireland, so foster carers are always desperately needed.

Anyone who has space in their heart and their home can become a foster carer.

You don’t even need to be available every day of the week.  There are many types of foster placements, ranging from emergency to longer term.

If you are curious about fostering and want to explore it further, we foster with Five Rivers Ireland and I know they would be more than happy to chat with you if you call them on 01-866 5290.


It is both challenging and rewarding, but training is given and support is available 24/7 if needed.

You are never left to work it out for yourself and training is ongoing to ensure you are providing the best support to the young people in your care.

After the initial contact with the agency, a very thorough process is carried out, including Garda vetting and interviewing to ensure that you and your whole family, including children, are happy to move forward with fostering.Becoming a foster family does change your life.  My girls have definitely grown as more caring little human beings, thanks to opening their home to other children.  Even my youngest, at 6 years old, realises that nurturing is an important part of personal growth.  I am sure the experience will make them more rounded and grounded adults.

I mentioned juggling at the beginning.  I also run my own tuition business, Emerald Education Centre.  I help children 4-16 years old in Maths and English, teaching both at my centre in Bundoran and online.  If you would like to find out more about what I do, please visit my website https://elainelingard.wixsite.com/emeraldeducation or contact me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/EmeraldEducationBundoran to find out more.


If you can, be a Donegal Mammy to a foster kid!


Check out Donegal Mammy on  instagram   Twitter   facebook and in The Donegal Mammy Club.


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