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Dont Stress out this Christmas Donegal Mammy


Donegal Mammy is delighted to welcome the very first guest blogger to  Donegal Mammy website. If you would like to write a little piece (don’t be frightened by the term “blog”) we can get it posted on here for you. The author of this blog is Grace Gerry a registered Counsellor with a private office in Donegal town. https://www.facebook.com/gracefulsolutionsvictoriabc/ Grace has some great tips here on how to enjoy a Happy Christmas , work to your limitations and look after yourself.

It is more important to make real memories than get caught up in the whole frenzy of stress and thinking everyone is having the most amazing time!




Do you look forward to Christmas each year, with its decorations, presents and special foods? Or do you dread it, feel sad and think it’s more work than its worth?

You are probably the one who buys the presents, sends out the cards and spends Christmas day cooking while others sit around watching TV, so no wonder it ends up being a ton of work for you.

And if you had a breakup or some sadness this year, you may not feel like celebrating Christmas, and wish it was all over.

But maybe there is a middle ground – a way to enjoy Christmas, even find a little peace if it’s been a hard year.

Here are my 4 Happy Christmas tips….


1. Start early – plan your Christmas and get organised.

Shop when its quieter, buy cards and stamps early, and try to get as much of the cooking and cleaning done in advance, so you have time to relax.


2. Simplify what you do

. Know your limits. You are Donegal Mammy but you do have limitations! If you have visitors on Christmas day, get someone else to bring the spuds or dessert, and others to do the wash up afterwards. Instead of endless presents, suggest Kris Kringle and just buy one present each, to save time and money.




3. Slow down on the food and drink.

We all love mince pies and Christmas cake, but nobody likes to feel stuffed and overindulged, or have the hangover next day. Try pacing yourself, have a walk after dinner, and remember to enjoy your food without going overboard.


4. Self care – ask what you need to feel relaxed on Christmas day.

Don’t let holiday hysteria put pressure to go overboard. Think what is important to you and makes you happy. Take time out for a walk, write in a journal or meditate or even just escape and play some music just for you… your space, your time… after all it is your Christmas too!



Making Christmas happy for you Donegal Mammy means a happier Christmas for everyone.


If you’d like to have a more peaceful and joyous Christmas, Grace Gerry  is a registered counsellor with Graceful Solutions, her private practice for the past 13 years. Grace divides her time between Canada and Ireland, and offers in person and online counselling. She is a member of the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (Master’s Level Practitioner), with over 35 years’ experience of social work and counseling. She offers counselling to individuals and couples, and has a special interest in women who .Call 087- 4544322 for some immediate help.




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