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Donegal Mammy BOOK Now Available!

Donegal Mammy and Megnificent Creative have partnered to bring you the  brand NEW

The Mammy Handbook

An inspirational book celebrating mothers of all ages, all stages, from newborn to empty nest and everything in between.

Written by mums from all over the globe, telling it like it is –  their personal, sentimental and sometimes funny top tips and nuggets of wisdom is a great read and will help all mums, ditch the mammy guilt and realise what amazing role models they really are.

Welcome to Donegal Mammy

So who is Donegal Mammy? Well, she’s pretty much…you!

She’s proud of her county, she wants to know what’s going on, wants tips on anything and most probably will offer advice on everything. She’s all ages, all stages, from babies to toddlers, preschool, big school, empty next to being a doting granny! Some days she loves being mammy next she doesn’t know how she’ll get through the day!    Check out her facebook page for all the latest NEWS!

Donegal Granny and Donegal Daddy are part of the whole story and they might pop up from time to time with their views and advice. Donegal Granny has a lot of years great advice in her!
She wants you to connect, share your story, talk about your mammy or how being a Donegal Mammy is for you…

She lives life in the fast lane of child rearing, may have traveled from Donegal shores, may still live there but she loves Donegal and is always a Donegal Mammy at heart.

So welcome to Donegal Mammy world.

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Tell us the story of life for mammy in Donegal.
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